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"She sat there melted into the pew with her head and her hands raised toward heaven. On her lap sat her sketch—Jesus hanging on the cross with thorns on His head and nails in His hands---The top read, “My Pikcher of Wership.” It wasn’t a sketch—no—it was a MASTERpiece! Lord, forgive me. My heart has been so selfish!"

Wow! Love that part. Leave it to our kids to teach us. Great job!
I loved all of it. It reminded me of all the times I nearly missed out on something special because stressful situations. Great Job!
This was so real. So all of us. So telling. So earthy and convicting. OUCH! and yet somehow we finally get there and get it again. Its not about us.. its about Him. No wonder He loves teh children with such fervor!
The ending of this piece is simply outstanding, because it was so utterly unexpected. If you work on this some more, think about finding ways to make the first part more unique. The I'm-late-for-church story has been told many, many times before.

Your writing is very good--if you take more risks like you did at the end, you'll go far.
The end is wonderful. Such a wonderful message for us busy ones. Keep writing.
'Loved it! So many of us have been there, and will probably go there again...
I don't think you need to do a thing to this; Every day occurances touch the heart deeper than the unusual and remote...Your story moved well; it didn't drag anywhere; it was funny and believable...and my experience with the beginning was one of familiarity; not boredom. The middle worked, and the ending was well executed.
God Bless you on your journey...
I agree, the ending gave me chills it was so genuine/real!
What a beautiful article! The little 'un reminds me of my three year old, and my frequent prayers of "Please Lord, keep him happy, just for 5 minutes so I can finish what I'm doing!"
I loved your description of how often we can lose our focus and become caught up with life's little irritations instead of realising that it really is all about Him. And the ending is so moving. I love the way God uses things such as a child's innocent attitude to get our attention. Well done.
Congratulations on your highly commended. The message in this is priceless. Good job with the topic.
Out of the mouths of babes, God has perfected praise! Laura, isn't it wonderful how God uses the simple to confound the wise? This is a wonderful article on worship -- may you win the next one!
Boy, have you touched a nerve, and my heart, with this entry! So creative and real. Congratulations on your Highly Commended-it's well deserved.
Fantastic story and devotional. I was hooked right away. I loved the intermingling of so many voices and thoughts. You illustrated the inner thoughts of a mother beautifully! The ending was wonderful . . . I had tears!
A little child shall lead them. Good job.