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Nice surprise ending.
Lots of tenderness here--I love the relationship between the couple.

As soon as you mentioned that Rachel had a surprise for Eric, I knew what it would be...I'd recommend springing it on your readers just as Rachel springs it on Eric. Then everyone can be surprised at the same time.

By the way--yikes! That would be quite a surprise!
I really love this tender story. Oh, wow, what an anniversary gift! I agree with Jan that waiting just a few more sentences would really pop the surprise for the reader, also. It's a great story with wonderful characters and setting. Beautiful, natural dialog between the two!
I love how you wove surprises throughout this story. This was charming.
A beautiful way to present a beautiful, chersished surprise.
Wow! I love the little surprise Rachel had for Josh! Cute, cute story. Very nicely told.
Oh, heavenly! I was really caught off guard. Didn't expect this.
A story full of unexpecteds and to finish with her expecting. That was a surprise! Had to read it twice to make sure I READ IT RIGHT! That happened to me, too. Husband was very surprised and scared. Sweet reading of relationships. Thank you.