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This was fantastic! Not only was the concept original, but the composition drew me in and held me. I applaud you!

Great article and very applicable to today.

However, we have discovered that the speed of light is relative and, although the laws of physics are true, science today dismisses the first two laws and gives us the pseudoscience of evolution.

Thank you for the great job of placing Einstein into the perspective of today. Well done.

God bless and keep writing.
VERY engaging story--I'd love to read a whole book based on this premise! Nice writing, too.

Not sure how "surprised" fits in here--might be the only weakness in an otherwise excellent entry.
Great story! It was a unique way to point out how an idea can be bend into something it was never meant to say after the author has passed away. Physics [sic] and ethics are apples and toadstools.The rules of one sphere does not translate into all arenas. Even Darwin said that if no transitional fossils were found it would disprove his theory, but like the Theory of Relativity it has been used to fortify a false worldview. Thanks for presenting your worldview in an entertaining manner. I'd like to see a full time Christian movie made from this framework. Congratulations!