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Wonderfully written, drawing in the reader with imagery and emotion. And the conclusion is so much like life and the goodness of God's grace.

This brought back imagines of my life as I was reading it.

Well done. God bless and keep writing.
A delightful story, vividly and beautifully written! I felt as though I were there and could see it all happening--also felt the terror of the narrator as a little girl.

It would be easier to read with spaces between paragraphs.

The strange name "Sister Picky-un" intrigues me. I wonder if that is an actual nickname, or the childlike way the narrator heard some unusual Latin-type name.

Terrific title! It sparked my curiosity right away.

Great job!
Beautiful description of the child culture of the school and its effects - and the surprising learning process! Oh, what a different child at the end of the story!

Well done. And it is so true to life. It is just the way a child imagines the bad that might happen to them and the reality of what usually does come when they are in a loving environment (even if they don't think it is a loving one)
Great story. Very vivid and real. I felt the child's panic.

Good job.
Cute story! I think this might be based on truth. If so, this is a good job of telling.
Every child's fear.What a great story and I really like the title. Well done. chris x
A great story. This was a vivid narration that intrigued and drew the reader on to find out the result. I like the beautiful ending that left the narrator with a smile on her face and without fear.
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