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Seemed like I'm the only one commenting on the ones that no one else will. I think that's unfair there's always something to say encouraging. Your article touched on a very revelant topic today. Our youth are going thru this "who am I sexually" based on the world. I am glad you took the son back to the word and the assurance that whatever he may question, never question your love. Keep writing.
A very difficult subject indeed. One every parent may dread.

I truly appreciated your describing it as temptation. Too many say they don't have a choice, but there's always a choice. The mother's voice seemed truly a comfort to her son.
I agree that the temptation to sin should not be seen as an invitation to sin! You wrote a loving article for those who are struggling with this issue in their homes. Very clear and descriptive writing.
Love and compassion wrapped in truth. Isn't that the way that God loves all of us? Holding both mom and son in the heart wrenching difficulties of life. Nicely done!
This article comes beautifully into the "how to" category. "How to"s are the most popular and in demand kind of writing. Mum handled this tough situation in an exemplary manner and it is one all parents need to be prepared for in some way in these multi-choice days. Loved the treatment
A very controversial subject here. You handled it nicely. Of course there will be more to come, but not here and not right now. I like the fact that you stressed your love for him. We need to always be there for our children, no matter what.
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Betty, I enjoy your theme and your style. I write intensively on the subject of sex education. I strongly feel that a loving Christian family is the most important element of a child’s development. All children feel confused as they mature and I strongly feel that effective sex education (beginning about age six) is an extremely important element for their safety and their healthy adjustment through the teen years.Gene Hudgens