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Most of us have come to a time of pain (and anger) in our lives and had to pray over it. This is a good example for us to identify with.
I loved how the MC moved between despair and grief, to new hope and peace. How like God to give us what we need just when we finally hit bottom and know we are dependent on Him. This was touching and real. Thanks for the sharing and the heart that went into it.
Congratulations, Constance. Your entry has placed 13th in Level 2. The Lists for the Top 15 in each Level and the Top 40 overall are available in the Weekly Results and Highest Rankings forum of our Faithwriters Message Boards.
Clearly this was one of those days when God reached through her deepest despair and poured out His unfailing mercy and grace. C.S. Lewis reminds us that God whispers to us in our pleasures, but He shouts to us in our pain. This was a sensitively written and honest portrayal of hurt and frustration boiling over into rage, at which point God held the writer ever tighter, not arguing with her, not even trying to reason, but quietly pointing out the beauty all around that He had created for her pleasure.
How like a loving parent to do that and what a lovely closure! Kudos!
Your touching story spoke to my heart because I was a widow with a three year old, and I clearly remember the feelings of despair you wrote about in your story. It's true that God will step in and bring peace and hope to the world of someone who's experiencing a painful loss like the one described in your entry. The gentle way that God brought the MC back to life at the end is really lovely.
What a joyful ending. It seems we just have to get away and enjoy God's creations to find comfort and happiness. Keep writing.