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Isn't it wonderful though that the Lord knows how to humble without humiliating. Your disjointed message could still be used and provided no hindrance to the Holy Spirit's ability to touch a heart.
Wow! What an awesome ministry the MC was blessed to have been given, and what a humbling but loving message God showed him at the podium that day.

I know that it's all too easy to get so caught up in what we're doing for God that it becomes our ministry instead of His! He loves us enough to get our attention about it, though, and reminds us how much we need Him! :)

This piece is a wonderful testimony to all of us to be careful to guard our personal relationship with God in the midst of all our work. Great writing! :)
This spoke volumes of our need to constantly rely on the Lord and not our own strength. Good job.
I am in awe of how God has opened doors in your life to minister to the youth. I also know ( from experience) how easy it is to rely on me instead of Him. And always, there is a story. Huge lessons for all of us who read this ( even about writing success) to be reminded that our ministries are not ours but His. My stomach turned knots with you but I know it was probably wonderful for your kids to see you vulnerable. GOOD writing... I loved it!
Loved the last lines. This is a strong message. The parallels were strong - gained faith on television, lost faith direction on a water slide. Solid writing.
Your title speaks volumes. This is a wonderful testimony and its truth will speak to many hearts. I think God allows us these awkward, embarrassing moments to teach and show us just how "empty" and hollow without Him being within us at all times. Great writing, Great story.
Excellent - wish you'd had more time to explore at the end, but I can't tell you what I would cut in the middle to give you the words! Enjoyed this very much.
Power and fame are fearsome enemies. Great job telling this testimony. I thought it ended too soon, but it could be that I just wanted to read and know more. :) Awesome!
Ouch! What a painful but important lesson. Good job. Your writing flows well and keeps the reader interested. Great!
A very good message -- and well written. This is a great picture of how easily "we" can begin to take credit for "our" accomplishments -- and forget to give God the glory. I like this take on the topic -- good job.
Wow--the last two paragraphs, together with the title, are stunners! Great job!
This message is clearly and excellently presented. In my devotions I've been reading in Chronicles and have been observing how while the kings of Judah depended on God, they were successful, but when they got proud and self-dependent, they lost His help. This story shows that same thing so well.
You certainly take us on a ride here, we rush through this along with your MC to find ourselves at the microphone too...with no words. Nice job here. ^_^
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