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Wonderful, funny story. We've all been in the pastor's shoes. The contrast of odors was great too. Thank you for a great read.
I'd be mortified. Mortified! But, I'd laugh, too, if I were in the audience.
About as bad a nightmare as I can imagine. Would be worse though, I think, if it happened to a 'sugar and spice, everything nice' female. :)
I loved this story, as we all have wondered what would happen if we had such an embarrassing moment.
This is definitely on topic!

I wonder if it'd be more effective if written in the first person, so that we can really feel his mortification--it'd be more "show" and less "tell" that way.

Funny writing.
What a great story, and lesson. Wonderful descriptions, and the comparison of odors was top notch. Well done.
HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can sure to relate to this. I love it. How funny and how truthful as we all have been there,lol. Reminds me of my one embarrassing experience for sure in a Smelly Revenge I wrote. Too bad I didn't think of it for this topic as it would have fit it. GRIN. Keep up the writing. You could write humor easily. LOL Great job!
Great description, and SO on topic. I also think this might be a bit stronger written in first person, but this was great regardless.