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Wow... you would not believe just how much you shared ME in your story.. Love it and you nailed it... the whole drama of this wonderful site!
I love the struggle... it is so REAL LIFE! right?
So true to life...loved the cats and dog involved too. Your details were perfect.
:D :D :D I just got around to reading this! :D :D :D It is sooooooooo true-to-life!! How DO you do it???? :D :D :D Very perceptively written, I must say! :D :D :D Hee-hee-hee!!!!!
What a great, true-to-life story, espcially the part about the husband's wise words : )
Honestly, this is a testament about keeping on keeping on, knowing inside that we have something good to share and reaching for that goal that always seems to be just out of reach. And, once we do grasp it, finding their is another goal just beyond once again.
Great Job!
A real-life down-to-earth article. I wonder if everyone has that inner hassle with what they wrote for the challenge, or thinking of changes they should have made.
This one hit home for me. I might not lose sleep, but I often do a lot of thinking. Good job
You know, we are always being told not to do what you just did, but you did it SO well. Love the story and the wonderful honesty. Well done.
This is great! I laughed out loud as I read this...I'm still laughing actually! I feel the same way about the challenges. This story is so true to me...It was as if I myself wrote this story...well, without 'Rainy Day' and I don't have a husband named 'Frank'!HaHaHa! Very entertaining story!
I'm sure you know that all we FW's are laughing our heads off as we read this! I especially liked: "It's Wednesday night." But of course, what further explanation is needed? I love this sooo much. And I'll make a deal with you: you go to Advanced, and I'll take your place in Intermediate! I don't mind staying in Level 2 for a looonng time. :) Unique and, yes, happy!
A very "True-To-Life" type story...which should go over well with the Judges; as they too have "been there/done that"...good luck! A Fun Read! well done.
CONGRATULATIONS! You're moving to Advanced AND you'll be in the book. By the way, have you spying on me? This is MY story. I am so glad I am not the only one with these feelings. This is WONDERFUL!!!! I live in Texas so I get the results one hour earlier but for the first time have considered moving west. lol!
Congratulations on your well deserved 1st Place win. I think your writing is fantastic.
Contratulation also, on your EC win!
As a fellow west coaster, I can relate to this piece. Wonderfully written. Congrats on the win!
I'm right with you in this story. I'm like my son was in baseball. I strike out and I'm sad for a day, but if I hit a home run out of the park, well, I sail through the week with the comforting reminder that I earned a blue ribbon. It was fun to relive that excitement with you. I shared your joy when I went to visit my son in Phoenix. Hey, I should visit him more often! Thanks for sharing this story where we all are stars....for a moment!
Cathy, Way to go! This was such a fun, honest piece of writing! Keep on keeping on and we'll see you in Masters in no time!
WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! :D WAY TO GO, MY FRIEND!!! I will warm up the seat next to me in Advanced! :) I am particularly pleased that this story won first place in Intermediate AND earned you an EC!! (I'll take any claim to fame that I can--no matter how small!) I am doing the "Happy Dance" in your honor! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
Congratulations on your EC. This is really good -- I think you captured most of the FW writers (even though we like to pretend those blue ribbons aren't important). :) Great job.
haha! Too fun! Loved the references to the Pacific NW and the challenge--I can identify with both. Oh, and there is hope for the addiction. I've gone what, three topics now without submiting, hehe. (been trying to get some other writing projects done)
This is hilarious! Very good writing! I love how the husband got involved. So funny and so ME! Addicted to the max:)
I am sitting here smiling...boy, can I relate to this one!