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Thanks for sharing how you recognized the mercy shown to you. We don't always take the time or effort to do that. Please don't abandon that wonderful appreciation for the blessings as you continue to work through the mechanics of writing, those stinking old verb tenses and agreements trip us all at one time or the other. The mechanics are easy, the heart comes from God. Thanks for sharing your heart.
What a gift of grace you recieved, and thank you for sharing it with us.

This re-telling of your story would be better if less vague. You don't have to give away any confidentialities, but I'd have liked to know--are you an employee in this doctor's office? In what capacity? What was the misunderstanding about? What song would have helped you? What specifically was said to mend the relationship? I understand your vagueness, but there are ways to inform your readers without giving too much information. I just felt "in the dark" most of the time.

Your doctor friend is a real treasure; thank you for sharing this incident of godly friendship.