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I commend you for the very tough decision you made so many years ago. And congratulations on raising 2 fine boys.

A paragraph break or two might have made this easier to read. And a couple of places where commas were missing.

Nice inspirational story -- very encouraging to young girls facing the same situation.

Very encouraging article. Faith can cary one through our our worst problems in life.

Probably if this were broken into several paragraph, it would be more easy to read. Also, watch your punctuation. God Bless
Bravo! This would be easier to read with a little pargraphing. The subject is needful in our world today.
What an inspiration!

I'd have been interested in more of your story (and perhaps less statistics). How did your family react? Your church? How did your pregnancy affect your relationship with God? That sort of thing.

Blessings on you and your wonderful family.
what a ray of hope for young mom's. great job. very inspiring