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You made your point very clear! Great job!
This is a delightful piece. Well written, really clear. It’s a wonderful take on love, letting go and belief that our departed loved ones do go to heaven. We’ve been having a discussion about starting sentences with a preposition (in your case although) on the message boards and this is one of them: ’Although Zane was engaged to Nikki, he wasn't her husband, so Nathan had to be the one to decide what to do - put his oldest surviving daughter on a machine to keep her alive, or let her go.’ You could improve this sentence by saying something like: Zane was only Nikki’s fiancé. Her dad, Nathan, had to be the one to decide. Did he put… This also eliminates the word ‘so’ and gives you short punchy sentences which heighten the tension. Well done and keep writing.
Good job. Ties in with a lot going on in the news re. letting people go.
This article touched my heart. I could feel Nathan's pain. You wove your story well, with good flow from beginning to end.

My dear aunt passed away in February and I was blessed to have the opportunity to say goodbye to her before she went home to be with the Lord. It is a heartbreaking experience to let someone go, especially if it's someone that you love very much. Thank you for sharing. Nicely done.