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Creative, well-written story. I especially like the explanation about how Gone got his name.
A sweet story. I liked when the boys acted like a horse drops a fish at their feet everyday. Nice job.
I love this! Great voice, and such an original story! The only (teensy) thing I'd suggest is to give us a clue to your narrator's identity earlier. We're five paragraphs in before we're sure of her gender, age, etc. I was assuming the narrator was male first, so I had a moment of cognitive dissonance.

This is just precious, witty and full of great imagery. And Gone is an unforgettable character in his own right.
What an awesome, fun story. I really enjoyed the take on the topic.
This is such a down-to-earth, "feel good" story. A pleasure to read. Blessings, Jo
Very original, and so fun to read. Nice lesson too.
Delightful! Good writing. Good story. Keep it up.
LOL! This was so funny to read. Very entertaining and creative, I loved the descriptions and the story! Wonderful stuff, Gone sounds like a unique horse. I liked the feel of this piece particularly. Great job!
Great story! I really like your narrator's voice - you capture this very well. Good humor, great descriptions, and I like the little tidbits of necessary information tucked into the story without dragging it down.
This is precious. I could see the whole scene. Good job. Keep writing. God bless. Janie
I loved the voice in this!! It was a fun read and had a good lesson. The descriptions were just right.
Mighty pleasin' story, if'n you ask me. Loved it! Such a delight from the nifty Title to the last line! (my only question horses really lie down to rest? thought they always stood) Anyways...Super Job, and very well written!