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Reading this, I was reminded of C.S. Lewis' comments on why he loved fantasy genres and folk tales: he said they pointed to Christ in a way few other things can. Like Lewis and you, I love fantasy and science fiction. A nice read; good job!
Very creative piece! Though I am not a fan of fantasy and usually like real life situations, you made me want to read more. Very good!
I found myself thinking about C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, and a host of others in your account. Well written.
I agree with the other comments. It's not my cup of tea but I immediately thought of those authors, not bad company to be associated with!
Very nice! You express yourself clearly and there is an element of whimsy here. Nicely done!
Your repetition of "I have..." is very effective here. Nice job of showing us your world!

The hyperbole in the second paragraph threw me a bit, and I think you meant "futility" instead of "futileness."

Your passion for writing is very evident, and your desire to write for God's glory.
This is very good! Highly compelling to be more creative in anything we (as writers) do, yet also very well done and a joy to read. I enjoyed this little view into 'why'. Excellent job! ^_^
You can tell your heart beats for the One you write for. God bless.