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I really liked this story, it drew me in immediately and kept me reading all the way to the end. I stumbled a little reading it when you used "I" and "she" a couple of times in the middle but overall a very well written piece.
Oooh, very good! Loved the ending in particular.

The title doesn't do justice to this suspenseful and meaningful story. This is great stuff!
I felt the urgency, I loved the ending. Captivating.
I really liked the way you contrasted the compassion of the teacher with the disinterest of the principle. An effective piece.
Exceptional! Such amazingly vivid and engaging detail. I loved the end.
Wow! I could feel the over powering urgency and found myself praying you'd get there in time. What an ending!
tis made me cry. i've been Amy. so many times i tested the pople around me sent signals and so many times they were just like the principal.
This was a very emotional piece. My heart was beating right along with the teacher's. Great work.
This was a very well written story. I, too, was drawn in immediately. The end was powerful. Your writing style made the entire work visual. Thank you for sharing your gift.