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oh my. this is so sad. im crying.
Your story is filled with love. Well written. It reminded me of the movie ,"The Notebook". If you havn't seen it you should. Our lifemates are not just a piece of a puzzle, are they? They're half of who we are. When we "lose" them they take half of us with them. Your story is powerful. The doctor was emotionally sterile.
I loved it and loved the second comment on this about the doctor too! My husband hasn't written me any poems but he does SMS me and write me lovely emails. Perhaps I should start keeping them for the future, just in case.

Great story!
I loved this. I have kept all my husband's writings through the years, they are just treasures. You show us what is important, thanks for a great story.
Whoo boy!! That was good. Evoked great emotions.

My neighbor just passed away from Alzheimers.
Very emotional writing. Well done!
wow! It does remind you of the Notebook. I cried then too! :) Good work.
Just wonderful - I love the whole puzzle theme throughout. You had me laughing and crying. Great detail!
Very sweet!

Be careful of overdoing the adverbs, and of you're/your. And perhaps a few asterisks to indicate the passage of time, to help out the readers?

I love the tender sentiment expressed here.
A wonderful tribute to abiding love and the power written words have over our lives.
This is very good. Tears brim my eyes.

Whatever you do, don't stop writing, you have a true gift.