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Good idea. You've made your teacher creative and also left us with a sense of his love for teaching - going the extra mile to see that his students learn more than the textbook. Good job. Your character is believable and likeable!
what a great history lesson...I wish every student had to do this
This story shows a bright, enthusiastic teacher....and I could say the same for the author! These kids who differ greatly from each other will, one day, have to work side by side. They might as well learn how to cooperate now, huh? It sounds like the lessons learned here would be remembered for years to come! If you aren't a teacher, perhaps you ought to consider it!
I had to laugh at the end of this, it was wonderful! Awesome writing-a great Job. I really enjoyed how he got everyone even the Jocks and Goths to participate in the projects and how they all put everything into it. A few extra spaces would have made it easier to read, but the story was so good, I didn't even notice!
What a great, inspiring teacher! I wish I would have had more like him. Aside from the spacing, and one place where you have "there" that should be "their" you've done an awesome job. Loved the ending.
Very nice job! I truly hope this is a true story - it certainly sounds like it could be! Great details.
It was an inspiring story. As a teacher in high school, though, I can't imagine inner city kids just standing around and quietly moving tables for the new teacher in his first lesson - no matter how big he is.