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I loved your opening, right on topic and the simple language brought me right into the room with your characters. Awesome Job!

Oh and your title made it the first one I read this week - way to grab ones attention.
This drew me in and kept me interested. Excellent storytelling!
I know a lifetime of joy because of a missionary. I felt this story deeply. This story has made my day! Beautiful!
It's always ideal when the natives can carry on the missionary work, but how sad that the missionary died. Great job!
Wow that was really amazing! Thats all I can really say! Keep writing!
A wonderful story and I really loved reading it! Your have an excellent gift for storytelling. Wonderful job!
Yes, it is a great moment for the missionary when they are no longer needed. I like the way he found this out before he died. Also a neat way to lead the reader through the salvation story.
Wow! Great story. I loved your descriptions. You really made me feel the moment. Excellent work!
Enjoyed this. I liked the dialogue, and the ending was powerful. Nicely done.
I loved the title and the story just flowed. Great job.
powerful. Such simple language can paint an awe inspiring picture in a person's mind. Great job of showing, not telling.
This is a nice story that comunicates a good message. Well done, Chrissy. I believe I was able too visualize the pictures/scenes you were creating for us. Good job. You just keep getting better. God bless.
This was very interesting to read, I loved the charcters's names.
Chrissy, I AM STUNNED!

This is top notch writing! Everything came together in this piece. I have nothing but praise for you. A fantastic job! Glad I was able to read it. You blessed me. I've got to stop myself now otherwise I'll write a Litany of PRAISE for this article! WOW! I won't be surprised to see you advance again soon.
I think I just read a winner.

This is just a beautiful telling of the Gospel-good news in its purest simplicity.
Very well done, reminds me of a friend from the Peace Corp with similar story. Very well composed.
Way to go Chrissy! Highly Commended - Awesome job!
Congratulations, Chrissy!

You transported your readers to another place very effectively - well done! My one piece of constructive criticism concerns the broken English ... I figured they would be speaking in their own language, so any translation needn't be broken. That's just one view though.

Again - congratulations on a well crafted piece of writing.
Congratulations, Chrissy, on writing such a wonderful article. It was very touching, and I sincerely hope that somewhere it will not be fiction, but a true account, or similar. Keep on writing for God's glory.