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This is a beautiful appraoch to showing the love of the Trinity toward their creation--allegorical in flavor, with a great kicker. Wonderful.
I had to read it twice, but I enjoyed it both times :o). Blessings.
A nice concrete way of telling about God's plan of redemption through Christ. Lot's of smell, sight and touch in this piece. I loved it!
wow...very powerful. Great job and it almost reminds me of the parable of the garden in the New Testament--and of course I can't recall where its found at for the life of me.

I enjoyed it. Keep on writing.
What beautiful pictures you've painted here. It's so deep and so simple. Great work!
I wonder if you couldn't have left out one of the "Gardener"s in the beginning. Maybe instead of "the Gardener's son" you could say "his son"? There's a period missing there too - typo I'm sure. Interesting way to approach the garden topic.
Well done! an interesting read and you kept the allegory consistently throughout. yeggy