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I love the take on leadredhip in this entry.

More space between lines would improve the
reading abilty.


I really enjoyed your approach to this story (which is one of my favorite Bible stories anyway). The dialog flowed smoothly and kept my attention well. I agree though that spacing between the lines where different characters are speaking would have helped a lot. Great job though! Keep up the good work!
A great rendition of this Bible story and the dialogue flowed smoothly. I like too how you ended it by inviting the reader to read the final events in Judges.
Excellent work. I like the use of the media account and interviews to tell the story - good idea. Well done.
What a great read! This would be a great take on this amazing story for a teen bible class! Can't you just see this one acted out by them?!!!
“Tell us, Nathan . . . Nathan, look at me, forget the hoards below for a moment. I just love this! Captures the reader right into the emotions. I like this a lot! You have the writing ability and the creativity. If you will work a bit on the presentation - spacing, punctuation - you will be finding yourself in the winner's circle! Blessings, Cheri
I love the closing line of your great entry. Filled my face with a smile. Wonderful storytelling!! - Nancy
I agree with Donna! What a great play this would be to liven up any children's or teen's Bible class. Great job! I have found when I copy and paste my articles from Word that I have to do some editing and sometimes the lines stop and i want them to go on. Probably more me than the site!
This would by a great skit! Your lines are wonderful! You have humor and yet drive the point home. I hope you do write drama! You have a wonderful gift with dialogue.