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I think you intended to write "I will just have to learn to accept God's overdose..." at the ending of this very good article. Well Done!
This is a dichotomy that all of us as humans, undeserving of God's grace, face at one time or another. Great treatment. By the way, "myself" is one word.
Nice, introspective style! Some arresting turns of a phrase, too. I like " human nature is limited to only twelve notes in a perfect octave." And at the end, "Learn to accept God's overdose..blessings."

One nitpick that finds its way into innumerable Level 1 pieces is the suggestion to organize your paragraphs. Keep them fairly short to moderate in length, and put a space between each one. That makes it much more likely that you'll be read, enjoyed, and commented on. (Especially in the case of some of us senior citizens, whose eyes need all the help we can get!)

Nice work! Keep writing!
A very humbling perspective. Nice job. And as the others have said, paragraph spacing works wonders for the reader. Good thoughts in your writing.
Just wanted you to know that your words found resonance in a sympathetic heart. I too flog myself for my imperfections when it would never occur to me to yell at a blind man for tripping. We are asked to walk by faith not by sight...never an easy job. I really liked this. Hope to see more.
God bless, and keep writing.