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Sensitive, hurtful, and so true. But forgiveness can be found through Christ - you conveyed that well.
This is masterful writing and a message that needs to be told. This is a "sermon" that gets into a reader's heart and head, because it is so real and personal no one can argue its truth. God bless your writing!
Very good article on a very tender subject. Only God can give us the inner peace when life steps in and shouts at us that there is only one thing we can do. I feel your pain, and have felt your pain.
This is very good, you are expressing your heart and it touched mine while reading. That is what makes a good writer. The forgiveness you experienced at the end made me smile. Keep writing for God. In Christ's Love,

Your piece made me cry. How horrible it must've been for you to learn the truth and how blessed you must feel to know that the price of our sin has been paid, and He'll always forgive us if we ask.
Teresa, this is well written and very moving. It's always so hard to go against our parents....especially when we're young.

One correction: it's "waist," not "waste."

Great job. I enjoyed reading it.