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Thank you for the reminder. I was especially hit by your "God-quote". If we don't stand for truth and right, how can we expect God to bless that truth or that right.
I enjoyed writing your story. You have pulled together several different examples and have taught me with them. As one who hates discord and wants to make peace I can now see the danger in it.

Thanks for teaching me something with your wise insights! Well done.
A good lesson here. I don't know if you are a pastor or not, but this seems like the voice of a Christian counselor, thanks for posting.
I like this. Very good. Good flow, good article. We can't have peace until we confront the one who takes it away from us. Jesus is the only one who can give us peace. Thank you for this. You have a good handle on writing and keeping your audience focused on what you are trying to get across.
This was very good! My favorite sentence: "Drops of love and mercy began to crumble the wall of bitterness and anger." Great word picture! Slowly, but surely, God's mercy prevailed.