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Very nice. I have two girls myself,and I plan on starting my oldest with swimming lessons soon.

Your work made me smile thinking of my own daughter. You're right, they never fail to amaze. Your story is very true to life and parenting. Using moments of inspiration to teach a valuable lesson. Nicely done.
I enjoyed this! Sweet story.
Yes, lovely. A small child'e fragile confidence is so precious, and you captured that maternal concern very well. Great message.
This is beautifully written! I loved the transitions and it fits well within the topic. Great Job!

A cute story and an even better message.. good job.
Such a well-written story! I loved the "ni-iii-ight." Really good; thank you for sharing this.
Yep, I like it too! One girl, one boy. Daughter took lessons, son taught himself. Always a joy to see them find their Inner Strength.
You captured a mommy moment very well! And an insecure 5yr old moment too!

Very, very good! Enjoyed your story!
Very well done. The faith of children is so sweet. I really liked the part about singing the song - my kids used to sing the same songs over and over until the tapes broke. Good job!
Very sweet story within the topic!
Beautiful story, it brought tears to my eyes.

I have an Emily too and could really relate!

I love this story and how it is so simple yet so true of all of us in so many situations - we all at times can have that perfectionist inner child.

I love the locker room singing scene. Great writing.
Oh, what a wonderful story! Some of the very dearest memories I have with my children (now grown) are the songs we used to sing together. They are very powerful influences in children's lives too, just as you portrayed! Thank you for this heartwarming read!
Beautiful Story! I have 2 sons and now raising my grandchild. I prayed to God for years no matter what please allow my children and Grandchildren never fear the water like I do. Your story touched my heart so very much. God truly does speak to us through song. The most beautiful sound in the world comes from that of a child singing God's praises. You are indeed a wonderful Mother and a wonderful gift to your child. My favorite memories as a child remain the ones of our family singing God's praises. Keep writing and singing your God given gifts are truly inspiration to others.