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My instructor in college once told me to do the things I fear the most. This is how I would get over them, NOT!

I've struggled with this also all my life, until recently someone in my bible study told me how I could handle fear, anxiety and worry.

This is a visual of course:
Take your fear and wrap it up in a present with a bow, and then walk up about 10 flights of the double doors...then enter, and place your box under the foot of the cross, and walk back downstairs. Now, she told me when that anxiety or whatever comes back, I needed to climb those the doors... pick up my present with that anxiety in it...and carry it back down 10 flights of stairs...unwrap it...and place the anxiety back inside, wrap the bow on it and haul it back upstairs and place it at the foot of the cross again.

Believe it or not, it's working! Fear is not of God, and He does not want us to carry it around with us to worry about. Try carrying a backpack around all day with all your fear in it, how would that feel? HEAVY right? Take your backpack off each morning, and live for today knowing God will take care of you and send his angels to protect you.
Fear NOT! Place your fear in God's hands and Trust HIM to remove your control button. Just lean back into our Savior's arms and rest...AAH, doesn't that feel better. God bless you, and thank you for sharing.
Critique: The first paragraph needs to be separated into a couple make it an easier read. Spelling and/or typos need to be corrected and then you would have a pretty neat story here - as it has a very good message. You might also quote the scripture you are referring to,(Is 41:10) in a footnote, so that we don't have to look it up. A good job, however.
Thanks for sharing your solution to a problem that can indeed be crippling. I have no doubt that by openly sharing your heart and your solution, someone else will be blessed.