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I think I get it. Not sure, though. Felt surreal headed for real.
An interesting peek into a complicated mind--but a bit confusing. You might have to help your readers a bit by clarifying relationships, and giving us reasons for your narrator's emotions. Neverless--fascinating.
I liked this and could see places where the writing could be tightened and clarified. Your narrator wants to change so that he isn't 'a jerk', and the voice in the night changes his perspective. I liked the 'fix the sky' command that convinced your MC to seek out George to help him do it.

The comment about your wife being so full of compassion was meant to be sarcasm, but seemed a little out of place. Expand on your character's lack of patience. Help us feel it even more.

Remember to put a space between paragraphs to aid the reader in reading.

Your second paragraph rings so true, even sometimes among Christians.Thanks for sharing.
Your premise of receiving an impossible task to force the reestablishment of your relationship as well as highlighting the need for supernatural help was good.

You were a bit redundant and the core of the message is a bit fragmented. Perhaps you might wish to try working from an outline to tighten the storyline next time.