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I liked this story of GRACE. It was cut short and could have been longer I thought. Great story line though, we are so blessed to fall under God's never ending GRACE. You are going places my friend...great work! Thank you.
Nicely written, but seemed to end too abruptly. Engaging and held my attention.
I agree with the previous comments. I felt resolution came too suddenly for this family and escaped reality.This would be a really good story if you developed it a little more. You have a nice writing style, but make sure you get someone to proof read before submitting.
I think your story was so really interesting, and effective that we would like to see more of it. Maybe have more insight. The abrupt ending, well--that to me is just how much it shocked everyone that Jacob suddenly spoke up from the heart. That really works most times. Still--as a interested, curious reader would like to read more of this. God bless ya, littlelight