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This is an awesome stroy. I can't believe that no one has commented on it yet. It was short, sweet and left a powerful ending. Good writing!
ditto. This was very well done and a totally unexpected ending to boot.
Excellent. Especially intense for us moms who find ourselves more irritated than we would like somedays. A reminder that I treasure my family.
Well written, with a fitting title.
The ending was dramatic.
Very good reminder. As someone who gets bogged down with kids and husbands and chores each morning before breakfast even hits, this really hit home. I know I wouldn't trade them for the world, but in the day to day, sometimes it's hard to focus on the positive.

Thanks for this!
Puts 'wishing' into check. Be careful of what you wish for. It might just backfire!
That was some kind of nightmare wish come true! Or a bad daydream. YIKES! Makes ya think doesn't it?
Short, different and what a whammer at the end. God bless ya, littlelight