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I enjoyed your musings. I had no trouble relating; you would have no trouble fitting into my world.
Great story I am with ya sister Calgon Lord please!I even giggled outloud! Thanks for sharing!
Boy don't we all need the life of the Calgon lady! You drew us a very nice little descriptive narrative on real life. The ending is especially effective. Well done.
I, too, have such frustrations.
This was fun to read because of the voice you gave the narrator, complete to the words "ain't", "munchkins", "doinked", among others. Makes the narrator seem like she is carrying on a conversation with a friend.
You tell us a lot about the narrator by your choice of words. She is married, has a temper that ignites a little too easily when a life challenge rears its ugly head, is a Christian who reads her Bible every day, is maybe not the cleanest of homemakers because she says this is the cleanest her kitchen floor will ever get, perhaps can't afford a lot of extras like thick store bought towels or paper towels.
Your last paragraph was a gem!
Terrific job!
Great article and fun to read. I'd like to know about the Calgon lady, not being from the USA.
I got a little confused as to how she got from the bathroom to the kitchen, but otherwise this was well done! Good job!
One of my FAVORITE sayings,"Calgon...take me awaaayyy!"
Your character is very believable and has the makings of some wonderful insight; but, I was really hoping she would feel convicted for stealing all those Motel 6 towels! :0)

Still, a cute approach. I'd like to see her in future stories! We can all relate.

Blessisngs~ LG
01/15/06 "S" finger got carried away! BLESSINGS :0)
The real voice of a person who tries to walk the talk in a down to earth way. Thanks for posting. Keep up the writing.
Thanks for sharing ths frustrations of a woman I can relate with. Wonderful piece