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Your piece was reflective, powerful, and held my attention throughout. Truths, and messages were interlaced between the words as well.

Deuteronomy is an excellent book that, sadly...many people skim through. Your scripture reference is one in which will serve as a timely reminder for many.

Good job!

God bless~
Great piece, reflective and real - very believable and indicative of many a wounded soul who needs to lay their burden down.
That was beautiful.

My brain got just a little bogged down in the longish paragraphs. But that could be just me!

I love your word pictures. "Bathed in the dusky morning light", "Shame and pride slink away, afraid to be seen in the Light", and "the Morning Glories seem to smile back" were my favorites. *swoon*
Two thoughts are coming to me. Questions actually.

Was the MC already a baptized believer in Jesus or was she only a learner of Jesus.

If she was already a baptized believer, she should know that the past sins had already been taken care of even if she could not forget about it. Remember: the effects of sin stays and also the memory of sin stays even though forgiven because of baptism.

If the MC was only a learner of Jesus and not a baptized believer she needed to obey Jesus's command and be baptized for the forgiveness of all sin. She rises from her knees feeling as if baptized. Was this what was really needed?

I don't know. Each person who experiences situations like this has to answer for themselves.
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