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Clever, unique and well written entry to this weeks topic.

A fine job with the dialogue in this introspective piece.

Well done

God bless~
I love these imaginary types of conversations with the adversary. I have thought often of just what was going through Lucifer's mind that would make him think going up against God was a good idea.

As you put it so well; what did he thing was the upside?

This was humorous, well written and your MC was just the right mix. Like an accountant trying to help some tax evader fix realize where he went wrong. A great take on the topic.
A very interesting and well thought out use of the topic. Clearly written and with a good message. Great job!
Confident and creative approach to the topic, though "Just sayin" at the end threw me a little.
You are receiving a standing ovation from many who read this. This is humorous and serious all at the same, excellently crafted item.

My two small suggestions are:

First, you need to work a little bit on punctuation and paragraph breaks. Consider putting this in the Critique Circle now so that one of the editors can give you some feedback on it.

Not a theological point, but an issue as a reader, you seem to contradict yourself with con number 4 and what follows; as in: "No need to brag about the people you confuse and cause to stumble. I get it. I really do. I too have felt the touch of your hand..."

I know and agree with what you are saying, but..?

None the less, I am one of the readers giving a standing ovation.
Wow! Wonderfully written. Not only do we need to consider the pro's & con's of our decisions, we need to consider the lasting or eternal effects on our lives.

Very cleaver writing. Blessings, LaVonne
ha you told him!

An enjoyable read.
Creative way to use the topic.

Great way to fight back in temptation - 'You see, I know the end of your story.'

Good job.
Hindsight is really in our favor.Satan seems to have not had any foresight.

We have to be careful about his deception. He may not care where he ends up as long as he takes us with him.

Care must be taken that we don't deceive ourselves.
Great message. Well written story. Very nice.
That was well done and very clever! It had a good mix of seriousness and humor.

God bless~
Congratulations on 4th in your level and 16 overall. The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.
Oh, I love your writing. It seems, however, that your title is does not exactly match what you wrote. A conversation is a two way street. But Satan said nothing while you spoke.

Would not a better title be something like "Putting Satan in his place, or something like "Take that you scoundrel."

I find it hard to see you as a beginning writer. Not to get personal but I've read many writing of those in higher rankings and yours are better, by far. So keep on. You'll be up there in the Advanced level soon.