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Clever! I loved the segue into the biblical scriptures. I really thought this was a creative entry.
WEll done!

God bless~
I loved the expression in the dialogue and the point about how we are all called to "play Jesus".

On a technical note, in the paragraph that begins, "Tony started to walk away" consider putting each of the verbs that follow in past tense.
How true in each of our lives. We all seem to want to play a different roll sometime or other. Living a life with Jesus being the main character in us will make us all stars. I enjoyed it. I look forward to reading more of your writings.
Pretty cool. Love your story.
Very interesting approach to the topic. Having been on both sides of this equation (as an actor and a director), I can tell you that you nailed the issues of dealing with a disgruntled cast member perfectly. Except that I would never take a vote from the crew on an issue of casting. A whole new can of worms gets opened with that decision.

There were some language issues (some tenses got switched mid-sentence and some words that were incorrect), but the overall writing was good and the dialogue was excellent. Best of all you captured a unique personality for each of your characters.

Good work!
An interesting article. I enjoyed it. I did find it to be a bit confusing at times to follow. Overall, a quałiity article.

God Bless!

God bless~