The Official Writing Challenge
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Beautiful devotional...thank you for this lovely entry.

God bless~
This is a great devotional teaching that is worth the read. It is short and straight to the point of the topic.

Don't be afraid to write longer story or devotions. The maximum words you can get up to is 750.
You can use Microsoft Office to count your words if you are not already using it.

If you haven't visited the forums I would encourage you to do that. There is a wealth of information over there and you can make some great writer friends as well!

God Bless, and keep writing!
Good thoughts.

Yes, we are to seek his kingdom and all these things will be added unto us. Finding his kingdom is important and then listening to what he has to say.

Keep writing.
First I want to say you have some wonderful messages here for all people. Your heart to share what God has shown you is great. And that is a good thing.

Now in hopes of giving some positive critique...

From experience I can tell you that some will feel that your message is too pointed or "preachy" as some put it. A way to avoid this is to show how God taught you these things. Instead of talking to the reader, saying "you", you could share with the reader the power of God changing your life by learning these things. Change it to "I" and "me", or at least "we".

Also, be careful not to repeat words, like in your opening paragraph: "this point in life".

You have a wonderful talent and I hope you'll keep growing with us as a Christian writer.