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Oh, do I relate to this article! Once we returned from the hospital to a frozen-up mobile home. The pipes had broken, some bursting, houseplants had froze to death, glass pop bottles had can imagine! The plumbers had several other emergencies before us, so we had a similar siruation, including the heavy snowfall and a husband recovering from an emergency appendectomy! I well understand the feelings. Just a couple of suggestions that were passed along to me when I was just beginning to enter the Challenge. An extra space between paragraphs makes reading the selection easier (Thanks, Dub!) Watch the overuse of adverbs that end in -ly. My favorite phrase from your piece was about your "sunny, pampered world". We never miss comfort and beauty until they are removed from us. Thank you for some things to remember!
I think this prepared. (LOL) That was intense! God bless ya, littlelight
I loved this line: "...but to never think that I am the reason for it..."

Nice piece of writing, you built the mood effectively. A few edits to clean up, and spaces between paragraphs for your readers' eyes. Well done!
I like this writing. It left me thinking, did they get out, did they spend the night in a colder car than they would have huddled together on the bed? Overactive imagination works wonders for the ending! Better to leave the writer wanting more than wishing they'd have stopped reading! Great job!
We get so used to our comforts that we are presented with the alternative we get very fearful. I enjoyed your writing.
I am sorry I left our 'when'. When we are presented with......
Loved this:
“My closing prayer was quite different from the thanking-God one that I had uttered earlier that same morning. It was, “Dear Lord, please take us safely from this place and help to truly be safe in your power and love as we return home.” Enjoyed the read. God Bless. Helen
It's winter again, and your story/testimony is a great reminder of Whom we should trust!