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This was excellent! Great piece of writing, with a fresh approach to the topic at hand.

Nicely done!

Amen. God bless~
I see where you are making the comparison in this article but we have to be careful about our attitude towards Satan. See Jude 8, 9. Satan is still one of God's creations. We must not speak against the heavenly or glorious beings since God has created all of them.

Satan deceives many who have God's Holy Spirit within them. We are to flee from Satan and not stand around listening to his temptations. All of us can be tempted so we have to be watchful. Just the time we think we are standing, we may be falling.

We have to have confidence in our life before God but we must not live it claiming we never sin for if we say we have not sin, we make God a liar.

Again I see your connection with the topic but we have to walk humbly before God and flee from Satan knowing he does have power we have to respect.
I can feel your passion in this piece. It brought out all kinds of thoughts. I wondered who you were addressing and what happened to elicit such emotions. You reminded me to pray for people who don't know Jesus and for those who are angry. We are blessed to have Jesus to save us from Hell. He is the only answer. Powerful piece.
Fantastic work!


God bless~