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This is quite lovely. I'm sure mothers everywhere can relate to this MC. You did a nice job of building the character and I could feel her fatigue as she worried about her newborn.

Try to do more showing and less telling. One way to do that is to avoid passive words like was. For example this sentence:It was three days after being born that little Louis had to stay in the hospital before being let to go home,
could be switched to something like this: After three long days, the doctors discharged Louis, and she took her baby home.
Though this isn't perfect, I hope it shows the difference made when tightening a sentence and using active verbs.

Overall you did a great job. I used to work in maternity and remember how stressful it was to both mom and baby to have to put the newborn under the bili-lights. You did a nice job of showing how special home can be.
Ahhh.... Great descriptions.
It would help to have more plot - to explain why the baby needed the goggles. (I know, but others may not know.)
Keep writing. Motherhood is the best job in the world!
Great story about that ever loving thing called motherhood. I really enjoyed this. Keep writing, I look forward to reading more of your writing.