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Praise God for your fire for Him! You raised some excellent points. Just a few suggestions, though. Although I can appreciate the strength of your feelings (I have a tendency to do the same thing, only I keep it in my journal), this came across as a preachy tirade, and many people will turn off after the first few sentences. Also, group your paragraphs together and double space in between them. It will be much easier to read. God bless you, and keep writing.
The biggest thing that seperates the youth from the elder is not age; it is communication. You write good as a 20 year old girl, but I bet you write better as a 20 year old woman.
This article was written as a monologue, not a short story, "inspiring" paragraph my church. I wrote it because recently I discovered someone over me in leadership, had been lying to me as well as our the congregation. God's good though and he's moving through his life as well as my family. I just want people to understand that the more you cover sin up, the more difficult it becomes to get out of sin. That leader thought he was doing the best thing, by living two lives, but in the end it hurt hundreds of people. I hope no one was too angry by the content. But I’ve been personally challenged to live authentically. To be obedient to the call of honesty in all things.

Amber Chance
The definition of a hypocrite is "an actor". Do not lose sleep over the fact that someone might be angry with the truth. The Pharisees must have been angry when Jesus called them a "brood of vipers". Your story challenged me to be real. Yes, this is how we help others and ourselves. I agree with the other comments posted.
Monologues have paragraphs too. I agree with your points. Our church has gone through a lot because of unconfessed sin.
I have seen unconfessed sin tear up people's lives also; may we all learn to live truthfully and honestly in love with one another. Thank you.

God bless,