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Very well written. Gripping. My heart is hugging yours. You are not alone. You are an overcomer through Jesus. Your story will encourage others who have faced similar pain and devastation. Been there - done that.
Hebrews 10:26-31
Praise the Lord that you have been healed through His mercy and love. Thanks for sharing your testimony, and opening your heart to us.

Your mom's words pieced my heart, so I can only imagine what it did to your "tender young heart at the time."

In any case, Jesus loves you and His love brought about a new creation in self. Amen.

God bless~
Thank you so much for your bravery in sharing a difficult time in your life with us. You wrote with passion, conviction and truth. The scriptures you chose truly enhanced this piece and were well placed for the reader to take stock of their own issues. It shows that true healing has taken place when one can offer up a prayer allowing God to minister to him / her so that he / she doesn't make the same mistakes towards others. I think this piece offers both hope and healing for others who have been affected similarly in their lives. I also loved the title you chose for this piece for that is what we all need to remember. Glory to God for His healing grace!
I was in college when God got my attention. The first verse I memorized on my own initiative was Ephesians 4:29. Just this week I read, "You are the master of unspoken words. Once they are spoken they are your master." Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for being brave enough to write this. Praise God for his healing in your life. May he continue to lead and bless you.
Words to me, are more powerful than hitting a person. Bruises heal, and we can't really recall the actually pain, but words stay in the mind like tape recorders that play over and over again.

I think our parents just talk to us the way they were talked to. However, my son also had acne, and I could never said those words to him, not in a million years.
I really enjoyed your well written, emotionally charged story. Very well done.

God Bless
This is an awesome devotion. You get right to the heart of the matter. I commend you for the courage to share this. The old adage words can never hurt me is so untrue. I'm glad you made it through those tough times. The fact that you are willing to share your pain and experiences show what kind of a man you did turn out to be--and that is as far away from "a pimply face freak" you are a man who Jesus smiles at when he looks at you. How wonderful is that!