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Wow, I felt like I down there with you.The clock ticking away and I almost couldn't breathe. This was riveting, and you helped save a soul.

Could have used a few double spacings, but this is a terrific story.

God Bless
Oh wow, what a way to witness. I'm so pleased it's not mandatory! This is a unique take on the topic and also very well written. I could feel the panic in the tank as the seconds ticked by and the whole detailed piece makes compelling reading. Great job.
You want red ink, well here it is: Why did you sign up as a beginner? This is one spellbinding read. Houdini always intrigued me as a child. Then when I grew up and became a believer, I really enjoyed going to see Andre Cole, a Christian magician, who does all of his act for God's glory and testifies to that every where he goes. I can't help but wonder if this represents anything that you have personally done in your life for the Lord. It felt just like you knew exactly what to write about at every turn. Great writing. The end gave me chills.
Wow. Pretty extreme stuff! I really liked the present tense point of view. At first, I thought you were going to slip back into past, then remembered your POV comments. Present POV really keeps a sense of urgency. Some red ink (and some is purely subjective on my part): I think a more creative title would have set this piece apart and been more worthy of such a great story. I think leaving out the first sentence would have added some suspense for at least a paragraph. Altar rather than alter (to change) at the end. A very engaging read (not to mention the great scriptural tie in) and a job well done.This should place well. Keep writing!
Clever idea for the topic.

Long ago, I attended a service where a group of men did power tricks like this. It is a wonderful evangelistic format. First, you capture the attention of people, and then you slip in the truth of the Gospel.

You had a few spelling issues, but your descriptions drew me in.

Practice makes perfect. Keep writing. God Bless!
Great descriptive skills shown here, in a very breathtaking read. Clear insight into your MC's immediate thinking and his ultimate goal.
It probably needs a warning like "Do not try this at home!"
I think this was quite clever. I like melding a magician or I guess escape artist would be a better fit, into someone who really tells the gospel truth. I think there is a touch of irony there too with the escape artist and there is only one way to escape death and that is through Jesus. Well done.
Methinks you will break out of the Beginner's level very soon! Incredible and powerful.
Very impressive first entry!
I thoroughly enjoyed the concept and the way you used your MC's POV to keep the suspense taut. Well done but be aware of spelling and formatting issues as they can keep a good entry from placing in the top.
By the you do this?
I found myself holding my breath as I read about your attempt to escape.

The ending was a surprise to me when the escape efforts you participated in were tied to the chains that are loosed with freedom found in relationship with Christ. Great job tying that together.

Congrats! God Bless~
Congratulations on your Highly Commended. Well deserved.
I knew this would place; congrats on a well deserved win!
I predict the "ties that bind you" to Level 1 will soon be broken!
Congratulations on ranking 30 overall! (The top 40 overall can be found on the message boards)