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I really like the song you use in your piece. The lyrics are beautiful. I also like how you refer to Jesus returning to us. Thank you for writing about spirits. Lately I've been having many conversations with friends about ghosts, and I have been considering writing about the topic of spirits of loved ones visiting us after they die, but I feel uncomfortable approaching this subject because I don't know how to discuss it faithfully, without drawing too far outside the lines of the bible. Thanks for bringing this up for discussion.
This is a lovely piece. I know just what you mean about the person still living on in your heart. I think some people may not agree with everything, but that's okay. Pieces like this are designed to get a person thinking and praying and figuring out what God is putting on their heart. I think we take a little bit of everyone we meet and in exchange we give them a little part of ourselves. Keep writing and making people think. Good job.
This was an interesting and well written entry. I enjoyed it. Thank you.

God bless~