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Oh this was so good! I loved was touching and filled with inspiration. I loved how the voice of the Lord led them all to their purpose.

Nicely done. God bless~
Beautiful heartfelt story. I am glad God gave Anna the gift of her heart.
This is a delightful story. I really appreciate the fresh take on the topic. This is a different and interesting story.

The only red ink I have has to do with the concept POV shift. It's something I have been working on myself. When you tell a story, the reader can only know, see, hear, feel what the MC does. So we wouldn't know what James is thinking, if Anna is the MC. We could see his actions when he hears Anna's desperation. Maybe his shoulders slump, or he opens his mouth as to speak but closes it again, but we can only see it through the MC's eyes. The same thing holds true with the mom's thoughts.

I think you have a brilliant gift of storytelling. You hooked me immediately with the charm and the hurting heart of Anna. The conflict was clear and you did a nice job of building it as the story went on. I loved the ending. It was perfect in showing the love God has for us. He understands our needs and takes care of them in ways we might not ever expect. Had James given in to Anna, the baby lamb would have surely died. There is such a message in this piece. It's one of my all time favorites.
I was so glad to see this entry in the top three. I wanted the story to continue on! Very enjoyable!