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Your spiritual journey is much like mine. I am bipolar and I know His sweet salvation and redemption. Write on, brave one. Very well done.
First, let me say how grateful I am for your continued recovery. What a great testimony. It seemed to flow seamlessly not only from your pen, but your heart as well. We are told that we do battles not with flesh and bone, but with dark principalities. Author Frank Peretti has written some great novels about this, especially one entitled "This Present Darkness" Also, a well-know evangelist Joyce Meyer agrees with you in saying the battlefield begins in the mind. I believe she has a book out which has been published on-going for 20 years now called "The Battlefield of the Mine." Your joy from your recovery shines through in your writing. Good job and thank-you for sharing your story.
Wow. This is excellent for a first entry! I'm impressed!

My only "red ink" is that were a couple of small grammatical errors. Also, try to use exclamation points very sparingly, unless it's in dialogue, and even then only use them when you have to. Hope you don't mine a couple of suggestions for next time. :)

I love your testimony of how God brought you through this. Nice job!
Your piece still has big tears seeping out of almost every part of my eye's. Thank you for being brave enough to share your testimony for I know from where I speak. I was diagnosed with Bipolar in 1991 and don't talk about it much anymore as my son's mental illness is quite severe right now and he is not stable on his meds. Your incredibly personal story helped me to remember my own hospitalizations and to be grateful for the past victories God has give to me... There is another reason why I was crying as I read your story -- because of your vulnerability and the freshness of your spirit in trusting the Lord Jesus. I am at such a cross roads in my life right now; there are several family situations going on in my life which require this same level of trust from me and every time I think I have given it, I am reminded that I have farther to go. Thank you for your courage and I am so grateful that God grabbed your hand and you chose to receive it. I will lift you up in prayer for your continued recovery, please lift me up as well...
You are an inspiration to everyone. Not only those who have suffered similar mental health issues, but to those who haven't and may gain a little bit more understanding and empathy through your powerful testimony.

It takes a brave person to bare the soul to such a wide audience and I admire you for that.

Years ago I worked in Mental Health and I know what a frightening and lonely place those with psychotic illness inhabit. Thank you for sharing your experience with this powerful entry.
God bless you and Praise God for bringing you peace and rest.

Thank you for sharing a piece of your life. I pray that by sharing that it helped you further.

I have worked my whole career with mental illness, and recognize so many patients from my past in your words.

Excellent job with this whole piece.

God bless you abundantly~
Welcome to the challenge! One year ago, I felt exactly as you described in your "Brick Throwing" note. it gets easier, take heart. Now, as to your article: Nicely written. You've put your heart and soul into your sharing and that takes guts, as they say. You've explained things well and with a transparency that grips the reader. It helps the reader sit in your place as she reads; one can't just walk away, untouched. Well done and keep writing! FW is a safe place to hone your skills, either with a challenge buddy group or letting those with editorial talent offer suggestions, God's best as you get settled in the FW family; there's none like it anywhere else!
Welcome to the challenge, and thank you for sharing your testimony. Your entry spoke from your heart to mine.
I can totally relate to the story. Your words drew me in the beginning and kept my attention focused until the very end. I also went through a difficult year in 97. I ended up in the hospital several times after trying to kill myself. Thankfully for me there is a lot I don't remember but I also know that God used my weakness and my illness to bring glory to His name and to help others get through troubled times as well. Your words will touch more hearts than you can ever imagine.
I appreciate your transparently-honest courage in sharing this part of your testimony, and welcome you to FaithWriters.
You have a gift for communicating that will be powerful in God's hands, to reach into your readers' hearts and to speak his reassurance to them. This gift will also enable you to step back and gain extra perspective on your past pain as you draw on your experienc eand add extra depth to characters in future entries and further afield as your writing ministry develops. God bless you, for he will surely bless others through you.
I have never forgotten the testimony of a woman who was confined to a mental institution for several years. Eventually, she was employed working with those having similar issues. Her experience, she said, God used to give her the insight and compassion to minister to those with mental issues. I think, in a similar way, you are ministering through your writing as evidenced by the responses you are receiving. May God richly bless your writing.
I, too, was inspired and blessed by your honesty in this piece. You helped me understand a bit of the pain experienced by those with mental health issues. Your last paragraph was so beautifully written and filled with hope! Blessings upon your life and your writing! And welcome to Faithwriters from me, also! :)