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This is a wonderful testimonial. I could totally relate to what you are saying. I think most people understand that feeling and have seen people turn to God, or worse blame God for the evil in the world.

The little bit of red ink that I might suggest would be to focus on your specific example. The first couple of paragraphs, you used the universal we. It can be quite effective at times, but it can also come off feeling like a lecture or being too preachy. I'd suggest that you start off with the part about lying in a hospital bed. It's an immediate attention-grabber and it's your story that you are sharing so it gets rid of that potential for a preachy feeling.

Your message is a great one and one that many people need to hear. I'd hate the thought that someone may read the first few lines and decide to skip over the rest of your story. If you started with something like My family gathered around my hospital bed, crying and calling out to God, "Why, God, why?"
I think that would grab people immediately and the reader most likely would be nodding her head in agreement. Your message is a powerful one and I'm delighted that you shared it with the world. There is a lot to be learned by your words.

Please know that this is just my own personal opinion. It does come from a place of love and a desire to help you become the best writer possible. You have a natural gift of storytelling. It's hard to think up, write, and perfect a piece in under a week. You have done a good job and with just a tiny bit of polishing I see outstanding stories coming from you in the future.

Keep writing. God has great plans for you and I have no doubt that your words will touch more hearts than you can ever imagine. You have touched mine and I am thankful. :)
Beautiful message and a wonderful tale to be told. I enjoyed this so much. Thank you. God bless~
History does repeat itself. Unfortunately, we have very short memories. This had a very good message. It really made me think.