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Great piece. I think it is one of the top 5 this week. I like how you tied in the Good Shepherd from earlier in her life to the present.
I loved that she prayed for new ways to praise. Very nice!
This was so good!I like a 'forest of people'. You blended this so nicely all the way through. Excellent.
*whew* You gave me a lump in my Thank you for writing this. Wonderfully emotive description of Bonny's thoughts and dreams. The scene with little Bonny at the stained glass gave me chills. Awesome!
A very nice read and a good wrap up ending.
Very well written, just a few missed spots for punctuation. I really enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing!
A good reminder - no matter the circumstances, He is worthy to be praised! Good story, well done.
Good job! I liked how you said that she changed words of pop songs, I do that too sometimes. :) I also liked how you didn't let on about polio until the end.
"So what if I can’t sing, so what if I can’t praise you in the same old ways… teach me new ways Lord, grow in me the Fruit your Spirit brings." Ooh ... this gives me goose-bumps. I can see one way Bonny can praise her Good Shepherd ... couldn't be clearer in fact. (Of course, I mean through writing.)

I too really like the way you flashed back, used that beautiful imagery of the window of the good Shepherd and then tied it in at the end.
I loved this. I was the Brass Choir in college and we played for church services (my Easter entry talks about one of the trips to DC to the National Cathedral). The director of the group had polio as a chlld and it affected his back (crooked). He was in pain most of the time, but still put his all into our group until hre retired.
Wow! This is a GREAT story! I love how you tied it all together at the end. Simply beautiful!!!
Very well written. Great story.
I don't know how much of this is based on real life and how much is 'artistic license', but what I do know is that your written words are bring praise to Him. I loved the pictures you drew and the way you tied it all in together. Look out Level 2! Well done.
I'm with JoJo! Deni, well done. You have crafted your character so well that I can really identify with her. To not be able to sing! What a bitter pill to swallow! And yet she does and grows from it and with it. She’s not finished yet! She soldiers on. Thanks. Yeggy
The last paragraph - "There was no praise, no accolades";
but she wasn't paranoid...
...the Good Shepherd knew she had done her best.