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I like this devotion. You do a nice job of transitioning from the verse to something many of us can relate to.

I did stumble over this phrase, though:
where 100 plus days are common,
I wasn't sure if you meant that the temperature soared to one hundred degrees or if the area went one hundred days without rain.

I live in what I lovingly call the middle of nowhere. There is a small town about five miles away and one of NY's bigger cities about an hour north of us. I could relate to the need for solitude and think you did a lovely job with this short but poignant piece.
This gave me a lot to think about. Concerning prayer, you gave a good reminder that Jesus often prayed... he wanted to commune with his Father and he did it a LOT. We also need to do this. Concerning the place, Jesus also went to the desert even though it was uncomfortable. The bible says the Holy Spirit led him there... there must have been a good reason for that. And in regards to solitude, in this busy day and age we need it more than ever and Jesus knew that we would and that is most likely why he stressed it so much. Good writing.

God bless!