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A lovely story. It is a perfect illustration of how God will help us in the small things as well as the large ones, and that nothing is too small to go to his throne with. Thank you for sharing a bit about your life; may God bless you and your family.
I was touched by this entry, very good job. Thank you for sharing. God bless~
This is a darling story. You do a wonderful job of showing that no matter how trivial the matter may seem to others, if it is important to us, then it's important to God.

I noticed a few tiny typos and some sentences I stumbled over. One example is this: Peeking from behind the pile of dish cloths sitting on top of the counter, Lynette asked.
You have the order backward. If using a tagline the Lynette asked should be closest to the query. However, you could switch it just a bit and get rid of the tagline altogether by doing something like this:
Lynette peeked from behind a pile of dishcloths. That paints a picture for the reader and lets them know who is speaking. If you wanted to show her mental state you could add something like Tears filled her eyes or She crinkled her eyebrows as she peeked behind a stack of dishtowels.

I really enjoyed how you built the suspense and had the MC call friends and then cry out to God. I have no doubt that God uses such things as lessons for our lives. I also liked the obedience of the pastor once God started tugging at him to follow through. This is a delightful message and a pleasure to read.