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I found your entry to be very informative, I would like to see more paragraphs as it was difficult to read because it had no paragraphs.You took a different approach on this subject and it may very well pay off.
Clever and unusual approach to the topic at hand. Nicely done and well written. I enjoyed this very much. Thanks.

God Bless~
You make some excellent points in this devotion. I enjoyed how you backed it up with the scriptures.

You may want to break a story this short into several smaller paragraphs 3-4 lines each and double-space between them. You also used the word salt a lot. By restructuring some of your sentences you'd be able to cut down on the number of times it was used.

You definitely nailed the topic. It's not savory if it doesn't have salt in it. You approached the topic in a fresh and interesting way. It definitely leaves the reader with some things to think about and that is always good. Keep writing, I'm eager to read more of your work!