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Wow! What a great approach... an unplanned potluck with food brought in from several neighbors. If there were flaws in this story, I didn't spot them out of pure reading enjoyment. What a delightful story.
I really enjoyed reading this. It was such a reflection on some of the trials women face in the work force. Having friends and neighbors is often how God seems to help us through the hard times. showing we are never really alone. well done!
Great story and such a prolific message. God will always provide to those that believe. This was a sweet story that overflowed with sentiment and meaning. I loved it. Thank you!

God Bless~
This is a great story. I see it as a modern version of stone soup. You did a great job of bringing the story into this century. What a good lesson to remember our neighbors and to follow the Lord's guidance.
Such a touching story, and I love how the compassionate neighbors kept adding ingredients to the stew. It reminds me of a story Captain Kangaroo read, "Stone Soup."

Wing His Words!
What a joy to read! I had the same idea when I was brainstorming - you did an awesome job with it.
Congratulations on your placing! I didn't get any reading (or writing) done this week -- just one of those times, but you are doing some good writing.
Nice to see, your placing with this writing! You can tell a good story with a good message. It all flows and by doing so becomes believable - even hopeful - in that some stories do end well. Congratulations on your EC! : )
Congratulations on your ribbon and for placing 20 overall!
Lynn, congratulations! This is great. I loved this story and you told it just beautifully. I don't know that I would be qualified to critique anything else, but I honestly did not see anything lacking, including the title. It was perfect. Blessings to you.
Great story! It reminds me of "Stone Soup." There were a few places that were a little more telling than showing, but still a sweet story.