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All wonderful questions in a powerful piece. Nicely done. I enjoyed this very much. Thanks. God Bless~
Compelling and powerful, this entry has some interesting imagery. Nice job.

Your hard work would be a little easier to read with a little more white space.

I enjoyed reading this.

You have some dynamic points in this short but to the point essay. I think you brought up some good points.

Some suggestions to make your article even better - break it into several small paragraphs and double space between them. You may want to check message boards to fi d a challenge buddy to help you catch errors like --woman's should be women's and aution instead of auction, along with some punctuation polishing.
I was worried that it was off topic, perhaps if you asked the question in the beginning and then again in end it would bring your story full-circle.

I really admire the way you are able to string your words together so they come out as poetry. I could so identify with the loneliness part. I've seen people give up their respect and dignity in exchange of not feeling lonely. You do a wonderful job of making the reader think.