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This was a loving poem straight to the Father's heart. And, it touched mine as well. Simply beautiful. Thank you. God Bless~
This was beautiful. Well done. God Bless!
I agree. You expressed beautifully and simply that spiritual question mark we all fall prey to in our christian walk. If we could be good enough, then Jesus didn't have to die for us.
This is just beautiful!
Beautiful and straight to the point
Beautiful, questions we all ask at some time or another. Just wondering though, should the first sentence of the third paragrah have the word "to" in it?
I enjoyed this piece very much! I said many of the thing often on my heart. There is only one change I might make, in the 5th stanza, maybe men should have been man. Keep up the good work!

This is beautiful. Am I good enough is a question I ask myself all the time. I need to listen more closely to hear God's answer.

The only suggestion I might offer is you hsve a line that has 2 sometimes in it. You may want to change on of them so it's not repetitive.

I think it is spot on topic and a beautiful and inspirational thing.
Nice work on this poem. We do struggle with these thoughts sometimes.
Even today I've asked myself that question. The answer is always no... but then your answer at the end comes to me. In Christ, forgiven and "Good Enough." How wonderful, and you showed it very well! Good entry.
Very well written. It flows nice, and has a good message. Keep writing.
Congratulations for ranking 14th in level 1!